Coral Glades High School

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Activity No. Activity Name Teacher / Sponsor Grade Level Course / Class Activity Date Price
B3861-507 2017-18 Parking Decal Pindell,Troy N/A Parking NA $60.00
Student Parking Decal. Payment doesn't guarantee parking space availability. Please fill out Parking application (download from website), and turn into office, along with payment receipt. Non-Refundable, due to parking decal revoked because of discipline
B3861-511 Transcripts Merlin,Jacquelyn N/A guidance NA $2.00
Please contract Jackie Merlin @ 745-322-1271 to send out the transcript. Please have order number and college information.
B3861-513 Engineering Lab Kimelstein,Howard N/A Technology NA $25.00
Donation towards materials used in Engineering lab's. This isn't mandatory; and, will not affect any class grades.
B3861-514 Culinary lab DeSabatino,Robert N/A culinary NA $25.00
Donation towards culinary labs. This will allow your student to have the opportunity to try new recipes. This isn't mandatory; and, will not affect your grade.
B3861-530 2018 Yearbook Edwards,Kristen N/A yearbook NA $70.00
Purchase 2018 Yearbook at a Pre-Sale price. Purchase prior to Dec.31,17 @ this price. Due by 12/31/17