Flanagan, Charles W. High

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Activity No. Activity Name Teacher / Sponsor Grade Level Course / Class Activity Date Price
B3391-674 17/18 SUNSHINE DUES- FACULTY/STAFF Andrews,Joann N/A N/A 8/25/2017 $20.00
2017-2018 Faculty/Staff Dues.
B3391-677 17/18 Yearbook Sale Edwards,Brian All NA 1/22/2018 $85.00
17/18 Yearbook Sale.
B3391-680 17/18 HOSA DUES Hird,Patricia N/A N/A 8/31/2017 $35.00
17/18 HOSA National, State, Regional, & Chapter Dues
B3391-685 17/18 HOSA Shirts Hird,Patricia N/A N/A 9/22/2017 $12.00
17/18 HOSA Shirts
B3391-686 17/18 NTHS Shirts Hird,Patricia N/A N/A 9/22/2017 $15.00
17/18 NTHS Shirts
B3391-712 17/18 HOSA - NTHS DUES Hird,Patricia N/A N/A 11/8/2017 $40.00
B3391-713 17/18 FEA: Club Dues Martin,Meleta All NA 11/15/2017 $30.00
2017-2018 annual club dues. See Ms. Martin for additional details.
B3391-726 17/18 NHS: Club Dues Powell,Ghana All NA 12/6/2017 $25.00
17/18 NHS Dues will cover T-shirt, cost of activities, and membership. See Ms. Pena or Mr. Powell for additional details.
B3391-731 17/18 1/2 Year January - June Student Parking Decal Frobel,Tina All NA 1/8/2018 $30.00
All vehicles parked on campus are required to have a parking decal. Parking applications can be found in student affairs or @ flanaganhighschool.com. Submit your application and online receipt to Ms. Frobel in the front office to claim your decal.
B3391-757 17/18 Prom Last Chance Sales Eapen,Nisha 12th NA 5/19/2018 $140.00
Last 50 Tickets available. Packets must be turned in with online purchase receipt, E-STORE purchased paperwork can only be turned in at P10 during Period 3, Period 7, before school, or after school. There are no refunds and tickets are non-transferable.
B3391-758 2006 Yearbook Sale Edwards,Brian All NA 4/20/2018 $45.00
2006 Yearbook Sale.
B3391-759 17/18 Tournament of Champions Deposit MCGRAW,SUSAN N/A NA 4/20/2018 $250.00
17/18 Tournament of Champions Deposit. Deposit covers non-refundable expenses.
B3391-760 17/18 Tournament of Champions Final MCGRAW,SUSAN N/A NA 4/20/2018 $250.00
17/18 Tournament of Champions Final.