Lyons Creek Middle School

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Activity No. Activity Name Teacher / Sponsor Grade Level Course / Class Activity Date Price
B3101-672 Band Instrument Rental (Hammond) Hammond,James All NA 8/22/2016 $20.40
instrument rental- Mr. Hammond
B3101-709 Activity Fee Wright,Shena All NA 11/22/2016 $10.00
Activity fee
B3101-711 After Care Late Fee Wright,Shena All NA 11/9/2016 $15.00
After Care Late Fee
B3101-760 Yearbook Sales (no name stamp) Ramirez Ramirez,Carin All NA 4/16/2017 $45.90
Yearbook Sales (no name stamp)
B3101-780 8th Grade Magic Kingdom Field Trip (Coniff) Coniff,Kristen 8th NA 5/26/2017 $199.00
see permission slip for details