Pinewood Elementary School

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Activity No. Activity Name Teacher / Sponsor Grade Level Course / Class Activity Date Price
B2811-61 Aftercare Registration (2017-2018) Milner,Darlene N/A NA 8/21/2017 $25.00
2017-2018 Family Registration Fee
B2811-64 AfterSchool Care Late Pick Up Fee Milner,Darlene N/A NA 8/21/2017 $15.00
All late pick up fees must be paid in full before your child will be admitted for the next period. Please check your e-mail for a payment notification to verify your payment.
B2811-71 After Care Activity Fee (2017-2018) Milner,Darlene N/A NA 8/21/2017 $5.00
Required fee for snacks and special activity events($5.00 for each payment period for all students).