Ramblewood Middle School

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Activity No. Activity Name Teacher / Sponsor Grade Level Course / Class Activity Date Price
B2711-121 P.E. UNIFORM JONES,STEFANI All NA 8/21/2017 $10.00
B2711-182 MTL CLUB DUES Alisha,Miller All NA 2/6/2018 $10.00
All members who wish to participate in Mentoring Tomorrow's Leaders Club are ask to pay dues. This is to help to cover cost of events and activities.
B2711-183 8th Grade Gradventure - Fieldtrip Nagy,Meagan 8th NA 5/18/2018 $143.00
May 18/18. End of year field trip to Universal, Orlando.
B2711-184 7th Grade Magic Kingdom Trip Janice,Kohler 7th NA 5/18/2018 $183.00
DO NOT PAY UNLESS PERMISSION SLIP HAS BEEN APPROVED. May 18TH End of year fieldtrip to Magic Kingdom, Orlando
B2711-185 FROST SCIENCE MUSEUM Rotela,Silvia 7th NA 3/16/2018 $31.00
This activity is for 7th graders. Students will explore hands-on science on March 16, 2018