Pioneer Middle School

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Activity No. Activity Name Teacher / Sponsor Grade Level Course / Class Activity Date Price
B2571-443 2016-2017 Instrument Rental Uhler,Richard All NA 8/11/2016 $20.00
2016-2017 Instrument Rental
B2571-448 Sunshine Dues 2016-2017 Fleming,Jane N/A NA 8/22/2016 $20.00
Faculty ONLY
B2571-449 Speech & Debate Dues 2016-2017 Hammer,Majorie 8th NA 8/22/2016 $27.00
Speech and Debate dues to cover the cost of NSDA membership and access to resources, team t-shirt and operational costs.
B2571-450 Wood Shop Fee Cole,Michael N/A NA 8/23/2016 $15.00
Wood Shop Fee
B2571-452 Art Fees Duhart,Thomas All NA 8/31/2016 $12.25
Art fees for projects
B2571-458 Yearbook Sale (2016-17) Ferreira,Regina 8th NA NA $42.00
Yearbook sale will end on May 1, 2017 or when we sell out, whichever comes first.
B2571-459 Student ID's Keneth,Suzanne All NA 9/15/2016 $5.00
Fee to replace lost Student ID
B2571-474 Disney Band Field Trip - 1st Payment Uhler,Richard N/A NA 5/27/2017 $200.00
Disney Band Field Trip - 1st payment
B2571-475 Disney Band Field Trip - 2nd Payment Uhler,Richard N/A Band 5/27/2017 $300.00
Disney Band Field Trip - 2nd payment
B2571-482 2017- 8th Grade End of Year Field Trip Kehrer,Robert 8th NA 6/2/2017 $38.50
2017- 8th Grade End of Year Field Trip
B2571-495 2017 - 8th Grade Dance Stephanie,Urena 8th NA 5/20/2017 $25.00
Print a permission slip from Pioneer's web page. Sign and return permission slip, along with a receipt of payment, to your Math Teacher.
B2571-496 Championship Debate Tournament Hammer,Majorie 8th NA 5/6/2017 $15.25
Fee covers the entry fee and student's lunch.