Piper High School

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Activity No. Activity Name Teacher / Sponsor Grade Level Course / Class Activity Date Price
B1901-178 JUNIOR SWEAT SHIRTS-SIZE S-L Chin,Marie All 11th graders 11/10/2016 $25.00
Junior class Sweat shirts -contact Ms. Chin
B1901-179 JUNIOR CLASS SWEAT SHIRTS-SIZE XL-XXL Chin,Marie All 11th graders 11/10/2016 $30.00
Junior class sweat shirts-contact Ms. Chin
B1901-185 2017 YEARBOOK PRE-SALE Trujillo,Jennifer All YEARBOOK 12/5/2016 $60.00
2017 YEARBOOK Contact Ms. Trujillo @ Piper High.
B1901-187 BUSCH GARDENS FIELD TRIP 3-24-17 Collins,Donovan All AP, SGA AND DEBATE 2/2/2017 $90.00
AP, SGA, DEBATE FIELD TRIP TO BUSCH GARDENS. Further information see Mr. Collins and Ms. Howard.
B1901-188 BUSCH GARDENS FIELD TRIP W/MEAL-3/24/17 Collins,Donovan All AP/DEBATE/SGA 2/2/2017 $120.00
AP, DEBATE AND SGA FIELD TRIP TO BUSCH GARDENS, including meal plan. Further information contact Mr. Collins and Ms. Howard.
B1901-190 SEA WORLD FIELD TRIP-3/10/17 Placucci,Bianca All S.T.E.M/MARINE SCIENCE 3/10/2017 $110.00
Student will be attending an educational program at Sea World. Bus will depart at 5AM from Piper and will arrive back at 11:45PM. Price includes one meal. For further information contact Ms. Placucci or Ms. Flora.
B1901-191 V.E.I.-ANNUAL YOUTH SUMMIT-N.Y. 4/2-5/17 Pinkney,Frank All V.E.I 4/2/2017 $250.00
Virtual Enterprises International annual Youth Business Summit in New York City April 2-5, 2017 total cost of trip $500.00. Cost will be divided by 2 payments of $250.00. Contact Mr. Pinkney for further information.