Parkway Middle School

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Activity No. Activity Name Teacher / Sponsor Grade Level Course / Class Activity Date Price
B0701-302 6th Gr. Picnic - Central Broward Reg. Park on 10/6/17 Payberg,Sharen 8th NA 10/6/2017 $10.00
Students should wear closed in shoes. Students are responsible for ANY electronic devices. Cost includes: park pavilion rental, catered lunch, and transportation.
B0701-303 Performing Arts Season Tickets Payberg,Sharen All NA 8/23/2017 $10.00
Tickets are non-refundable.
B0701-304 Thespian Dues 17/18 Krantz,Barbara All NA 9/18/2017 $15.00
Thespian Dues for school year2017-2018
B0701-305 Master Class Fee 17/18 Krantz,Barbara All NA 9/18/2017 $10.00
Master Class Fee for school year 2017-2018
B0701-306 Instrument Rental Contracts 17/18 Payberg,Sharen All NA 9/18/2017 $20.00
Instrument rental contracts for 2017-2018 Rental contracts must be completed after payment.
B0701-307 CITY 3-8 Frost Museum of Science on 10/25/17 jay,kristin All NA 10/25/2017 $23.00
This field trip will accept ONLINE PAYMENTS ONLY. Students should bring a bagged lunch.