Bayview Elementary

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Activity No. Activity Name Teacher / Sponsor Grade Level Course / Class Activity Date Price
B0641-800 Bayview Bunch Activity Fee Jackson,Jhermelle All NA 10/4/2017 $30.00
YOU MUST PAY THE ACTIVITY FEE EVERY PERIOD. Payment does not guarantee placement in the program. IF YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED, you must go to the school to do so.
B0641-808 Bayview Bunch Afterschool Care-Late Fee (1- 15 minutes) Jackson,Jhermelle All NA 10/4/2017 $15.00
Late Fee per child. 1 minute to 15 minutes late.
B0641-810 Bayview Bunch Late Fee (16-30 minutes late) Jackson,Jhermelle All NA 10/4/2017 $30.00
Late Fee Per Child. 16 minutes to 30 minutes late.