Deerfield Beach Elementary

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Activity No. Activity Name Teacher / Sponsor Grade Level Course / Class Activity Date Price
B0011-371 Kennedy Space Center 5th Grade-2nd PMT Barbara,Skulski 5th NA 5/10/2017 $79.00
The final payment for the 5th grade field trip to Kennedy Space Center is $79. The trip will be on May 10th. Please arrive promptly at 5am.
B0011-374 Universal Studio Safety Patrol Bronco,Cindy 5th NA 5/5/2017 $85.00
Safety Patrol to Universal Studio on May 5th
B0011-375 Aftercare Period 9 Activity Fee John,Lewis All NA 5/11/2017 $7.00
Activity Fee
B0011-376 Aftercare Period 9 Full Fee John,Lewis All NA 5/11/2017 $183.00
Period 9 5/11/17-6/8/17
B0011-380 Billie Swamp 4th Gr Final Payment Horkheimer,Beth 4th NA 5/15/2017 $33.00
Billie Swamp 4th view Florida wildlife and their habitat.